Thursday 1 February 2024

Labaran Kannywood: Presdo Zai Fito Sabon Film Na Web Series Mai Suna KAWAYE

Labaran Kannywood: Presdo Zai Fito Sabon Film Na Web Series Mai Suna KAWAYE


Wannan Shirin na Kannywood anasaran zai kayatar sosai inda abukanin keda bambancin ra'ayin gudanarda rayu, 

( a story of two best friends with an unsatisfactory desire of  luxury life)

Shirin na KAWAYE  ABUBAKAR MUHAMMAD  keda shugabancinsa kuma Aisha Inuwa Abubakar tabada Story na Film Din.

 Abubakar Muhammad ne Ex Producer inda  @adamu_abdullahi20 yabada direction.

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Gwamna Sokoto Dr Ahmad Aliyu Sokoto Yayi Sabbin Nade Nade-Nade

Gwamna Sokoto Dr Ahmad Aliyu Sokoto Yayi Sabbin Nade Nade-Nade

Gwamnan Jahar sokoto tayi nade naden ne a Yau Alhamis 1 ga watan febrairun wannan shekarar ta 2024 inda State primary schools pension Board, Universal Basic Education Board  dakuma local government staff pension Board .

  1. Alh.Abdulkadir Jelani Kalgo Chairman 
 2. Alh.Sa'idu Mohammed Gumborawa Member 
 3. Shehu Usman Ladan Member
  4. Alh.Abdullahi Yariman Kebbe Member 
 5. Hon. Murtala Hassan Member
  6. Rep. of Min. for Local Govts. Member


  1. Alh. Muhammadu Bature Shinkafi Chairman 
 2. Alh. Muhammad Gidado Shuni Member 
 3. Hon. Abba Shehu Kajiji Member
  4. Yusuf Liman Goronyo Member 
 5. Buhari Mai Kano Abdullahi Member 
  6. Rep of Ministry for Local Govts. Member 

UNIVERSAL BASIC EDUCATION BOARD  1. Alh.Umaru Na Gwari Tambuwal Chairman 
 2. Hon. Shehu Buda Badau Member 
 3. Alh.Abdulkadir N Gada Member 

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2024 february calendar

2024 february calendar

 February 2024:


Since 2024 is a leap year, February will have 29 days. This means the days of the week will shift compared to previous years, so be sure to check your updated calendar!
In February 2024, the calendar matches those of the years 1992, 1968, 1956, and 1928. This means that the days of the week and the dates align with these previous years.


Here are some notable holidays and observances happening in February 2024:

Groundhog Day: February 2nd. Traditionally, if the groundhog sees its shadow, it goes back inside, predicting six more weeks of winter. If it doesn't, spring is on its way!
*Black History Month: Celebrated throughout February in the United States, it recognizes the contributions and achievements of Black Americans throughout history.
Valentine's Day: February 14th. A popular day to celebrate love and affection with loved ones.
Presidents' Day: February 19th. Honors all U.S. presidents, but particularly George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
Mardi Gras: February 13th, but celebrations last for weeks leading up to it. A festive carnival known for music, parades, and delicious food.

Important Things that Happened Before in February:

February 3rd, 1455:Johannes Gutenberg invents the printing press, marking a revolutionary advancement in communication and knowledge dissemination.
February 12th, 1809: Charles Darwin is born, whose evolutionary theories would forever change our understanding of the natural world.
February 15th, 1946: ENIAC, the world's first electronic digital computer, is unveiled.
February 20th, 1969: Apollo 11 lands on the Moon, with Neil Armstrong becoming the first person to walk on another celestial body.
February 9th, 1991: Nelson Mandela is released after 27 years in prison, marking a pivotal moment in the fight against apartheid in South Africa.

Beyond This:

Remember, February has also seen numerous historical events, cultural milestones, and scientific breakthroughs throughout the centuries. Depending on your specific interests, you can delve deeper into specific areas like political movements, art & literature, technological advancements, or even natural disasters that occurred in February over the years.

As for holidays, it depends on the country and region, but some commonly celebrated holidays in February include Valentine's Day on the 14th and Presidents' Day in the United States, which usually falls on the third Monday of the month (February 19 in 2024).

Important events that have occurred in February throughout history include the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1763, which ended the Seven Years' War; the establishment of the Communist Party of China in 1924; and the assassination of Malcolm X in 1965.

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Labaran Kannywood: Bawata Soyayya Tsakanina da Umar M Sharif - Jaruma Amal Umar

Labaran Kannywood: Bawata Soyayya Tsakanina da Umar M Sharif - Jaruma Amal Umar

Labaran Kannywood: Bawata Soyayya Tsakanina da Umar M Sharif - Jaruma Amal Umar 
A zantawarta da kafar BBC Hausa jarumar Kannywood Amal Umar tace babu soyayya tsakaninta da umar m sharif kamar yadda mutane keta fada
Amal Umar takara dacewa Yanayin Aiki ne kawai dasuke yawanyi tare.
Amal Umar dai fitacciyar jarumace a Kannywood kuma ta hannun damar Umar M Sharif a gurin Aiki.

Da aka tambayeta dangane Tarihinta Jarumar Kannywood Amal Umar tace tana film a Kannywood dakuma Nollywood inda takara dacewa tayi dukkan Karatunta a garin Kano, ta Girma a garin Kano.

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Trending: If my husband cheats on me, I will cheat on him too -Laide Bakare

Trending: If my husband cheats on me, I will cheat on him too -Laide Bakare

Nollywood actress Laide Bakare expressed in a recent interview with Oyinmomo TV that she would engage in infidelity if she discovers her husband is unfaithful.
 She asserted that all men cheat, emphasizing her certainty about it. Bakare suggested that women shouldn't necessarily leave their partners for infidelity but could also cheat, advocating for maturity in handling such situations. She candidly stated, "If my husband cheats on me, I will cheat on him too.

Laide Bakare is a Nollywood Acrees who announced the end of her two previous marriage.

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List Of New Happy new month Prayers

List Of New Happy new month Prayers

Today we decided to write down new trending happy news month prayers for our followers ranging from Traditional prayer, uplifting Massage, Humourous massage"Happy New Month" Prayer Messages:

Traditional Prayers:

1. As we turn the page to a new month, Lord, we thank you for all the blessings of the past. Guide our steps, grant us strength in challenges, and shower your love upon us. Happy New Month!
2. Dear God, as the moon waxes anew, may our hearts be filled with renewed faith, hope, and love. Bless us with peace, prosperity, and the wisdom to walk in your light. Happy New Month!
3. Heavenly Father, with open hearts we enter this new month. We pray for strength to overcome obstacles, wisdom to make right choices, and compassion to touch the lives of others. Happy New Month!

Uplifting Poems:

4. A fresh sunrise, a clean slate,
A month unfolds, a chance to create.
May dreams take flight, and spirits soar,
Happy New Month, and blessings galore!
5. Like nature's vibrant colors bright,
This month unfolds, with joy in sight.
Embrace the journey, step by step,
Happy New Month, may blessings never depart!
6. Let worries fade, let burdens cease,
This month arrives, whispering peace.
With open hearts and minds renewed,
Happy New Month, may joy be pursued!

Humorous Messages:

7. Dear Lord, this month, please keep the coffee strong, the wifi stable, and the laughter plentiful. Oh, and maybe a sprinkle of good luck wouldn't hurt! Happy New Month!
8. May this month be like a perfectly toasted bagel - warm, delicious, and full of potential for awesome things to happen! Happy New Month!
9. May the only drama this month be a good book, and the only tears be from laughing too hard. Happy New Month, friends!

**Modern Affirmations:**

10. I step into this new month with gratitude, resilience, and a heart full of possibilities. Welcome, February!
11. This month, I choose positivity, growth, and the courage to chase my dreams. Happy New Month to me and all who dare to dream!
12. May this month be filled with moments of mindfulness, connection, and the strength to conquer my goals. Happy New Month!


13. As the new moon rises, may our spirits be renewed like blooming flowers, reaching for the light. Happy New Month!
14. May this month be as peaceful as a gentle breeze whispering through the leaves, and as vibrant as a field of wildflowers in bloom. Happy New Month!
15. Like the changing seasons, let this month bring transformation, growth, and the beauty of new beginnings. Happy New Month!

1. May this new month bring you boundless joy and endless opportunities.
2. Wishing you a month filled with laughter, love, and remarkable achievements.
3. As the month unfolds, may your path be illuminated with success and happiness.
4. May every day of this month be a stepping stone to your dreams and aspirations.
5. Sending heartfelt prayers for a month of blessings, breakthroughs, and bliss.
6. May the next 30 days be a canvas for beautiful memories and positive transformations.
7. In this new month, may you find strength in challenges and grace in every moment.
8. May each sunrise bring new hope, and each sunset leave behind a day well-lived.
9. Embrace the opportunities ahead and may this month be the start of something extraordinary.
10. May your journey through this month be guided by positivity and surrounded by love.
11. Here's to a month of growth, gratitude, and achieving new milestones.
12. May your days be sprinkled with happiness, success, and moments of pure joy.
13. In this new month, may your dreams take flight and your endeavors be crowned with success.
14. Wishing you a month filled with purpose, passion, and abundant blessings.
15. May the days ahead be a tapestry of joy, peace, and fulfillment.
16. As the calendar turns, may you turn the pages of a story filled with triumphs and joyous moments.
17. May this month be a chapter of prosperity, peace, and delightful surprises.
18. Here's to a month where every challenge becomes an opportunity for growth and learning.
19. May the month ahead be a masterpiece painted with love, kindness, and achievements.
20. Sending positive vibes your way for a month of extraordinary possibilities.
21. May this new month bring you closer to your dreams and further from your worries.
22. Wishing you a month of clarity, courage, and the strength to overcome any obstacle.
23. May each day be a gift, and each moment be a reminder of life's beautiful blessings.
24. In this new month, may your heart be filled with gratitude for the simple joys in life.
25. May the coming days be adorned with success, serenity, and sweet surprises.
26. Here's to a month of unwavering determination and the fulfillment of cherished goals.
27. May the month ahead be a melody of joy, harmony, and well-deserved achievements.
28. Wishing you a month of abundance in love, laughter, and all that brings you happiness.
29. May your journey through this month be guided by faith, hope, and positive energy.
30. As the pages of the calendar turn, may your story be written with triumphs and happiness.
31. May the chapters of this month be filled with resilience, joy, and triumphant moments.
32. Wishing you a month where each day unfolds like a beautiful blossom of joy and success.
33. May the next 30 days be a tapestry of experiences that bring fulfillment and contentment.
34. In this new month, may you find the strength to conquer challenges and the courage to embrace opportunities.
35. May this month be a symphony of success, a dance of joy, and a celebration of life.
36. Here's to a month where your efforts bloom into achievements and your dreams take flight.
37. May each day bring you closer to your goals and fill your heart with gratitude.
38. Wishing you a month where every step leads you to greater heights and brighter horizons.
39. May the days ahead be painted with colors of happiness, love, and endless possibilities.
40. In this new month, may you be surrounded by positive energy and inspired to greatness.
41. May the month ahead be a journey of self-discovery, growth, and profound happiness.
42. Here's to a month where your ambitions soar high, and your spirit remains unshakable.
43. May this new month be a testament to your resilience, courage, and unwavering determination.
44. Wishing you a month where each sunrise brings a new reason to smile and be grateful.
45. May your path be adorned with opportunities, and your journey be filled with success.
46. In this new month, may you find the courage to chase your dreams and the strength to overcome challenges.
47. May the month ahead be a mosaic of joy, achievement, and unforgettable moments.
48. Here's to a month where you experience the beauty of growth and the thrill of accomplishment.
49. May the days ahead be a symphony of happiness, a canvas of dreams, and a journey of fulfillment.
50. Wishing you a month of limitless possibilities, boundless joy, and extraordinary achievements.

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