Beauty Accessories That Can Be worn With Native and English Attires In Any Event Including Official Ceremonies

Beauty Accessories That Can Be worn With Native and English Attires In Any Event Including Official Ceremonies

Beauty Accessories is one of the best things that make Fashion style to be among the best in the body, How ever Fashion Accessories is the key to differentiate between Classic, celebrity, Royal Highness, Common, poor and Rich people while making a dress.

Those beauty Accessories can be worn while wearing both native and English wears to make your outfit classic and or premium.

List of Beautify Accessories To Discuss In this article

  • Sunglasses
  • Handbags 
  • Head-wraps
  • Jewelries and ipele


Sunglasses is one of the best beauty Accessories That will help you in different ways,  
How ever Sunglasses is very important materials in terms of fashion wears as it can help you in such ways like it will make your dress to be very decent stylishness and a very beautiful, it also help you protect your eyes from sunlight if the weather is sunny  however sunglasses will give you respect and help you to present you are self in any crowd as you are not having any  eye contact To anyone so it will make you compatible in terms of event, ceremony other activities.
By looking this pictures above you can see that the sunglasses worn by this lady make her look very decent stylish and look also as celebrity


Handbags is one of the Supernatural and the Old known fashion style according to jiji, jumia, konga and the many other fashion selling commercial website there is back up more than 100000 naira which is equivalent to $150.
how ever bag has different categories there is big size, small size and also Fox that is small handbag for women to show themselves in an event, ceremony or as celebrity she must has a very big expensive handbag that look nice decent, stylish and so on.

In this picture as you can see above just ladies worn a native and English wear handling A different handbags that make them look at celebrities Royal Highness, and others categories of women's

Jewelries and ipele

Another categories of beauty accessories that can be wear out a native under English dress is jewellery (Gold), it's one of the most expensive materials in this world wearing a gold is not for common person rather is for the celebrities, Royal Highness and all the rich people because of the price of the gold nowadays according to gold rate website 1 kg oh gold is being sold as follows:

Price of 1kg of gold

Current Rate 22,822,511.06 NGN/kg
Bid Price 22,818,808.05 NGN/kg
Ask Price 22,826,214.33 NGN/kg
Open Price  22,927,286.94 NGN/kg

The therefor wearing it can be only done by the above-mentioned names which will make them different in a society.

The jewelries can also be wear emboss native and English drees as you can see in the above pictures.


Head-wrap full form of dressing that can be wear emboss native and English but the most cases native arteries used to worn it well attending the ceremonies like wedding ceremony and the many other.
But can also be used well wearing English wears.

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