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 Gele fashion 

The headscarf is a customary Nigerian Headwrap. It is mostly worn during  exceptional occasions as an accomplice to the customary wraps. Headscarf is mostly made out of heavy or strong fabric that can be wrapped and framed into a particular shape. Textiles from Switzerland and Austria are very known, but the most known and primeval to the Yoruba is the 'aso oke'. Aso Oke is initially a ceremonial fabric woven sustainably in Nigeria and is fabricated commonly of strands of cotton or silk. Aso Oke is also used in making Iro and Buba, but in general terms for very special events such as the brides wedding dress. Being a Nigerian, the tying of the gele was mostly a sign of an upcoming exceptional occasion.

The Modern Gele

Today, the gele/ headscarf, much like Nigerian habitually, culture has been refurbished and celebrated. An detonation of creativity, combined

with our inborn cultural pride means that women are most times treat the Gele not just as an adornment but sometimes as the main look of their attire. Gele now also comes with scrunching edges, laser cut designs, hand beaded, two tone effects, Swarovski encrusted,

hand painted, embroidered, decorated with sequins, and any other design you will ever dream of. Gele tying is now a service presuming by most make up artists.

About the Gele/ headscarfs

The headscarf/turban is maybe one of the most known wrap out. Even though it has religious and historical relatedness, when worn faultlessly and with the right intentions, anyone can put it on. Headscarf/turbans are very simple to wrap and at the same time hard, according to the style you want, yet they show off a particular poise and elegance that is unequalled. There are a lot of reasons to wear a turban, from the marvelously fashionable to the most less. Western women's fashion has clasp to one's bosom the turban for hundreds of years. This multifaceted headwear allows a woman to make a dazzling fashion remark, to keep herself warm. Headscarf/turban is a fashion remark workmen mostly by africans some for fashion, others for religious purposes and also a means of keeping their heads protected.

Headscarfs is an attractive way to add awareness of what is fashionable and flair to your outfits. Beyond everything, it looks dashing with a wide diversity of looks, which everyone appear to be doing it, so you should be okay to join in on the fun…right? Well, not entirely. For many district and ethnicities, headscarfs are much more than just a look; they were and still are a very large part of one's cast and lifestyle. By not paying heed to the history and culture beyond the headscarf, you are possibility falling into a ranging problem called the cultural appropriation. Does that mean you shouldn’t wear a headscarf at all? Absolutely not! You just need to know the right way and right place to put it on. 


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